E-books and Graphics with LaTeXML

Deyan Ginev, Bruce R. Miller, Silviu Oprea

Marked by the highlights of native generation of EPUB E-books and TikZ support for creating SVG images, we present an annual report of LaTeXML development in 2013. LaTeXML provides a reimplementation of the $\TeX$ parser, geared towards preserving macro semantics; it supports an array of output formats, notably HTML5, EPUB, XHTML and its own $\LaTeX$-near XML. Other highlights include enhancing performance when used inside high-throughput build-systems, via incorporating a native ZIP archive workflow, as well as a simplified installation procedure that now allows to deploy LaTeXML as a cloud service. To this end, we also introduce an official plugin-based scheme for publishing new features that go beyond the core scope of LaTeXML, such as web services or unconventional post-processors. The software suite has now migrated to GitHub and we welcome forks and patches from the wider FLOSS community.

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