Une approche CSP pour l'aide \`a la localisation d'erreurs

Mohammed Bekkouche, Hélène Collavizza, Michel Rueher

We introduce in this paper a new CP-based approach to support errors location in a program for which a counter-example is available, i.e. an instantiation of the input variables that violates the post-condition. To provide helpful information for error location, we generate a constraint system for the paths of the CFG (Control Flow Graph) for which at most k conditional statements may be erroneous. Then, we calculate Minimal Correction Sets (MCS) of bounded size for each of these paths. The removal of one of these sets of constraints yields a maximal satisfiable subset, in other words, a maximal subset of constraints satisfying the post condition. We extend the algorithm proposed by Liffiton and Sakallah \cite{LiS08} to handle programs with numerical statements more efficiently. We present preliminary experimental results that are quite encouraging.

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