ILATO Project: Fusion of Optical Surface Models and Volumetric CT Data

Andreas Beyer, Hubert Mara, Susanne Krömker

Project ILATO focuses on Improving Limited Angle computed Tomography by Optical data integration in order to enhance image quality and shorten acquisition times in X-ray based industrial quality inspection. Limited angle computed tomography is indicated whenever specimen dimensions exceed cone beam limits or the object is impenetrable from certain angles. Thus, acquiring only a subset of a full circle CT scan poses problems for reconstruction algorithms due to incomplete data which introduces blurred edges and other artifacts. To support volumetric data reconstruction algorithm a surface mesh of the object obtained via structured light optical scan acts as a mask defining boundaries of the reconstructed image. The registration of optically acquired surfaces with data acquired from computed tomography is our current challenge. This article presents our setup, the methods applied and discusses the problems arising from registration of data sets created with considerably different imaging techniques.

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