Implementation of Sensor Network using Efficient CAN Interface

Yeshwant Deodhe, Swapnil Jain, Ravindra Gimonkar

Sensors monitored by centralized system, that may be used for controlling and monitoring industrial parameters (Temp, Pressure, Speed, Torque) by using CAN interface. In this paper we presents a comprehensive overview of controller area networks, their architecture, protocol, and standards. Also, this paper gives an overview of CAN applications, in both the industrial and nonindustrial fields. Due to CAN reliability, efficiency and robustness, we also propose the extension of CAN applications to sensor network. In this paper, a framework of sensor network for monitoring industrial parameters is explained where sensors are physically distributed and CAN is used to exchange system information. CAN (Controller Area Network) is a high integrity serial bus protocol that is designed to operate at high speeds ranging from 20kbit/s to 1Mbit/s which provide an efficient, reliable and very economical link

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