Debug Support, Calibration and Emulation for Multiple Processor and Powertrain Control SoCs

A. Mayer, H. Siebert, K. D. Mcdonald-Maier

The introduction of complex SoCs with multiple processor cores presents new development challenges, such that development support is now a decisive factor when choosing a System-on-Chip (SoC). The presented developments support strategy addresses the challenges using both architecture and technology approaches. The Multi-Core Debug Support (MCDS) architecture provides flexible triggering using cross triggers and a multiple core break and suspend switch. Temporal trace ordering is guaranteed down to cycle level by on-chip time stamping. The Package Sized-ICE (PSI) approach is a novel method of including trace buffers, overlay memories, processing resources and communication interfaces without changing device behavior. PSI requires no external emulation box, as the debug host interfaces directly with the SoC using a standard interface.

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