Encoding for the Blackwell Channel with Reinforced Belief Propagation

A. Braunstein, F. Kayhan, G. Montorsi, R. Zecchina

A key idea in coding for the broadcast channel (BC) is binning, in which the transmitter encode information by selecting a codeword from an appropriate bin (the messages are thus the bin indexes). This selection is normally done by solving an appropriate (possibly difficult) combinatorial problem. Recently it has been shown that binning for the Blackwell channel --a particular BC-- can be done by iterative schemes based on Survey Propagation (SP). This method uses decimation for SP and suffers a complexity of O(n^2). In this paper we propose a new variation of the Belief Propagation (BP) algorithm, named Reinforced BP algorithm, that turns BP into a solver. Our simulations show that this new algorithm has complexity O(n log n). Using this new algorithm together with a non-linear coding scheme, we can efficiently achieve rates close to the border of the capacity region of the Blackwell channel.

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