Frequently Asked Questions

The Journal Club is a web-based tool designed to help organize journal clubs, aka reading groups. A journal club is a group of people coming together at regular intervals, e.g., weekly, to critically discuss research papers. The Journal Club makes it easy to keep track of information about the club's meeting time and place as well as the list of papers coming up for discussion, papers that have been discussed in previous meetings, and papers proposed by club members for future discussion.
Anyone can join with a valid email address. All new accounts require authentication via email.
If you are a registered user, then you can see a list of the available journal clubs here. Visit a journal club's homepage and then click on the "Join" button to join.
Any registered user can create a Club. Click here to create your journal club.
All information about public clubs is visible to any user even if they are not club members. In contrast, information for private clubs is only visible to registered users who have joined the said club.
First you have to join the club. You can propose a paper for discussion from the paper's page by clicking on the "plus" icon below the abstract and then selecting "Journal Club". You will be prompted with a list of Clubs that you are member of. Click on the "Add" button to propose the paper to your chosen club making available to the club's organiser to schedule it for a feature discussion.
Collections are groups of papers. You can create Collections to organize papers into groups based on a common theme, e.g., CNNs for image segmentation, PhD Thesis Bibliography, Bayesian Machine Learning, etc.
You can bookmark a paper so that you can find it easily later.
If you find a paper that you enjoyed reading and thought that it made a significant contribution, then you can endorse it. Endorsed papers are meant to be the best papers you have read!
We have bootstrapped the database with all the Computer Science papers from between the years 2015 and 2020. Furthermore, we are automatically importing the newest papers from on a daily basis.
Yes, you can import a paper by clicking on this link. Note that you can only import open source papers from NeurIPS, JMLR, ICCV, ICML, and ICLR.
If you have suggestions on improving The Journal Club please send an email to There are many ways you can help improve The Journal Club. You can submit new papers, datasets and codes.