The Journal Club's mission is to create a global community of researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs and science enthusiasts to discuss and discover new and exciting research.

The Journal Club is a web application and online community of research professionals and enthusiasts who come together to discover, critically discuss, and learn from state-of-the-art (SOTA) research papers.

The Journal Club provides meta-information for a large number of freely available papers published in the best research journals and conferences as well as on open source media such as arXiv.org. Users can easily import missing papers from several open source publications. Our database also includes an ever growing collection of benchmark datasets, codes, and publication venues, e.g., conferences. These entities are connected and easily visualised using our unique knowledge graph view associated with each paper.

The club management functionality allows club organisers to publish meeting information such as location (offline and online), and time and manage club membership. More importantly, organisers can maintain a well organised list of interesting papers that have already been discussed or are upcoming for discussion. Club members can propose new papers to be discussed in future meetings.

The Journal Club is a work in progress and under continuous development to add new features and improve performance and reliability. We welcome all kinds of feedback whether positive or scornful but more importantly bug reports, and new feature suggestions. Please get in touch by sending an email to support@thejournal.club.